• Elevate your skincare ritual this summer

    Elevate your skincare ritual this summer.....🌱


    Wellness or self care has now become a trend, but more importantly it needs to become a lifestyle. Whether we exercise, eat well, get more sleep, or simply drink more water we have the intuition to do all these things. Unfortunately, our skin from head to toe can easily be neglected in the summer heat. Applying Jaq & Jim Organic Body Serum can help remedy all those areas from infancy to elderly skin. This formulation is rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and deeply hydrating oils that replenish any suffocating skin cells. Try Jaq & Jim’s Moisturizers if you want to keep your face or sensitive areas luminous. Don’t forget your lips need help too. Try Jaq & Jim’s Vitamin D and peppermint rich lip balms to keep lips soft and hydrated. Adding these products to your daily ritual will guarantee healthy and happy skin this summer. 


    Owned and formulated by a Nurse Practitioner || Family operated || Shop local 

    ❤️ Jaq & Jim Skincare 



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